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2″ Composite Deck – CSM Products and Solutions

2″ Composite Deck. 2.0 VLI CFD2 2W Composite 2" Lok-Floor W2 Formlok. Composite Deck Properties / 2in Composite Engineering – NWT / 2in Composite...

Metal Floor Decking - Dek-ing - Calif - Dek-ing

Full Inventory of Steel Deck shipping to Western US. Custom Cutting Same-day Service with ... B/PLB formlok (1 1/2" composite). IN STOCK INVENTORY. Gauges:

2” Composite Deck - CSM Metal Deck

2” Composite Deck. 2.0 VLI CFD2 2W Composite 2" Lok-Floor W2 Formlok. Get a Quote. two inch...

Structural Steel Roof and Floor Deck | ASC Steel Deck - AEP ...

We manufacture more than quality architectural metal roof and siding panels. Our ASC Steel Deck business unit is a leading manufacturer of structural steel...

2.0" Cellular Composite Floor Deck - Metal Deck - Cordeck

Our 2.0" Cellular Composite Floor Deck is available at all 6 of our locations. We offer three popular options in a variety of cell depths widths...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Quality Metal Decking

Composite metal floor deck (cubierta de metal) is normally installed so the ... Roof deck is typically installed to endlap approximately 2″ over supports.

Steel Deck - New Millennium Building Systems

Composite decks are designed to interlock with the overlaying concrete slab (by mechanical means or deck profile shape or both) to develop a composite floor.

Composite Deck Archives - CSM Metal Deck

Composite metal floor deck has embossments designed to interlock with concrete slabs. ... 2.0 VLI CFD2 2W Composite 2" Lok-Floor W2 Formlok.

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2009/11/13/ ... CMC JOIST & DECK - MANUFACTURERS. OF UNITED STEEL DECK PRODUCTS — 12 or 24 in. wide Types 1-1/2 2 or 3 in. LOK-Floor and LOK-Floor Cell;...

2" Composite Steel Deck | Floor Deck Supplier - O'Donnell ...

2" Composite Steel Deck available in all gauges and finishes for concrete decking systems. Same day pickup & next day delivery.

W2-Formlok™ CD - Vintage® Metal Roofing

Verco's cellular deck is comprised of a fluted deck (standard Verco deck ... is produced in two different finishes: A606-4 (aka Corten) or Bare steel.

composite deck suppliers - La Risacca

Composite Floor Deck | ACT Metal Deck Supply ... a Composite Deck Supplier stocks a variety of composite metal floor decking products: 1.5” 2” 3”.

BXUV.D902 | UL Product iQ - Bailey Metal Products

2020/4/1/ ... For shear wire spacing of 8 in. or less the steel deck ... LOK-Floor and LOK-Floor Cell; 36 in. wide Types 2 or 3 in.

LOK-2 Inch Corrugated Floor decking Metal Panels

Learn more about LOK 2 Inch Corrugated Floor decking metal panels from Creative Building supply. The panels can be custom cut to any size and gauge.

Steel Deck - Canam Buildings

2" Lok-Floor. 42 - 43 52 - 53. 3" Lok-Floor. 44 - 45 54 - 55. Details. 56 - 57. Composite Beam and Joist Details. 58 - 59. Negative Bending Information.

floor deck - ASC Steel Deck

2 V2.0 • Composite and Non-Composite Deck Catalog. 1.1 Panel Features and Benefits ... ASC Steel Deck roof and floor deck products are designed.

2″ Composite Floor Deck (SB200) - D-MAC Industries

2″ LOK Floor; 0 CD; 2VLI; CFD2; SB200. Why Choose D-MAC Industries for 2” Composite Steel Deck? D-...


Floor Deck 2″ Lok 1-866-466-8769 Contact us. Steel Deck. Standard and architectural. Joist & Girder. Standard and complex. Murox. Prefabricated buildings.

steelproducts - American Institute of Steel Construction

Composite Deck. 1.5” (B Lok and Lok Floor) 2” and 3” (Lok Floor) composite deck. Finishes include phos/painted galvanized and galvanized plus primer...

W2 Formlok: Verco Floor Deck | 2" Deep | Metaldeck.com

Composite Metal Floor Deck is typically used for multi-story buildings mezzanines bridge walkways porches in-fills platforms and parking garages storage...

How To Get A Punchlok II Tool For Verco And Vulcraft - YouTube

A big component of installing PunchLok II metal deck is the ... II Metal Roof Deck and PunchLok II Metal Floor Deck available for same day...

Floor Deck 2″ Lok-Floor | Shop | Canam Steel Corp

Floor Deck 2" Lok-Floor: · Also known as 2” Composite Deck · Bonds to concrete to reinforce slab · Embossment patterns will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer...

How To Install Punchlok II Metal Decking - YouTube

Punchlok II Metal Decking Can Only Be Used On Verco And Vulcraft Metal ... Punchlok Roof Deck PLB-36 PLN-24 PLN-3 Verco Punchlok Floor Deck...

1.5″ Composite Corrugated Metal Floor Decking

The 1.5 inch composite floor deck or LOK-Deck is very similar to our B-Deck panel but with one main difference – the composite floor decking panels have...

Steel Roof Deck - Vulcraft

Steel Deck · Steel Roof Deck · Composite Floor Deck · Non-Composite Floor Deck · Dovetail Deck · Cellular Deck · PunchLok® II System.

2" Composite Floor Deck | ACT Metal Deck Supply

A.C.T. Metal Deck Supply provides 2 Composite Floor Deck 2 Composite Floor Decking 2 Floor Decking 2 Floor Deck Metal Deck Metal Decking Floor Deck...

Metal Decking A-653 G60 Galvanized Steel - RS Phillips Steel

Metal Decking A-653 G60 Galvanized Steel # Per Sq. Foot. 9/16 X 26 GAUGE FORMED DECK 0.99 ... 2 X 18 GAUGE LOK-FLOOR 2.6. 3 X 18 GAUGE LOK-FLOOR 2.8.

Stock Deck at our Warehouse - Redbird Engineering Home

Type A Metal Roof Deck is a 1 1/2 deep narrow rib metal roofing deck that provides an economical metal roofing system when utilized ... SB200 2" LOK FLOOR.

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